The classic "Greaser"

By Michael BLAST

Vintage electric bike … a GREASER in nature !


Posted on your Greaser vintage electric bike with the perfect camouflage, you can move silently and maybe at the corner of a bend, surprised behind a tree, you will be able to observe the fauna … On this subject, we do not guarantee that some Any animals remain hypnotized in front of the beauty of your bicycle.


Although the Greaser sand color is noticeable during your walks this painting is just as delightful as it strides along the paths of a nature with soft autumn colors. But beyond the beautiful aspect of her dress … far from the noise and the urban bitumen, Michael BLAST’s neo retro e-bike is also at home on the country roads.


However, this cruiser type bike does not fall into the category of mountain bikes capable of feats in muddy and very rugged environments, it is clearly not suitable for sports use. Book it for quiet walks … you have time, be cool, take your camera, and enjoy the scenery !


 The change of scenery felt by a simple trip in the countryside now seems a few wheel drive from home !

Comfortably seated on a wide bike-style saddle from the Vélo® brand and fitted with Duro® wide tires, you’ll feel like you’re floating on the road, while maintaining control and good grip

Like some classic bicycles, the Greaser is equipped with a Shimano® 7-speed derailleur, but here you have the advantage of being able to count on its 5 levels of pedal assistance, allowing you to manage your effort on the flat as in the slopes, at the speed you want and up to 32 km / h.

Equipped with disc brakes at the front and rear, you have good braking power in the downhill. Fully charged, the latest generation Lithium ion battery from Samsung®, will assist you for about 50 kilometers … On the road!

It is beautiful that Greaser on the lookout in the grass, it blends perfectly into the Canadian wilderness. Thanks to RIDE BIKE STYLE, for those great shots of our favorite vintage electric bike. For your safety, we remind you that wearing a helmet is recommended for cycling in the city and in the country.

The VAE *, the best way to reconcile with the practice of cycling!



Use of a power-assisted bicycle does not exempt from pedaling, this relieves the cyclist during his journey. This advantage opens new perspectives for urban travel and for your leisure. It is a means of travel to save money throughout the year because there are no insurance fees, parking fees or fuel. It’s environmentally friendly because using e-bikes reduces your greenhouse gas emissions. And of course, it’s good for your health, because even on an electric bike, you’re in business.

Now, think VAE for your little ride … think GREASER !



The GREASER electric bike meets your expectations !

Compliant with Canadian safety standards, while maintaining its retro look, the GREASER electric bike is dynamic, comfortable and easy to handle. No specific maintenance, zero fuel, zero CO2 emissions, just make sure you have enough charge on the battery.
On the control screen, you choose one of the 5 levels of assistance. You select the speed at which assistance will be cut off, allowing you to arrive at your destination with as little effort as possible. Thanks to a pedal sensor system, you just have to start the pedaling so that the engine starts, and no matter whether you strongly press the pedals or not, the assistance propels you quickly up to 32 km / h . It is also equipped with front and rear disc brakes to ensure good stopping power on descents and even in the rain.


GREASER at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show

This year, GREASER was presented at the first Electric Vehicle Show in Montreal, Canada. This meeting was an opportunity for the general public to discover new technologies and the latest products related to electric transport.

All major media were present on site for this first edition. Three days during which the general public could analyze and compare the latest innovations in electric mobility. More than 30 conferences, 60 exhibitors, 2500 e-bike tests. With an attendance of 18721 people, the GREASER could be admired on the stand of RIDE BIKE STYLE / Michael BLAST Canada. The curious tested it and compared it thanks to the test track made available to the exhibitors.

Montreal Electric Vehicle Show

The Honorable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport Canada

Montreal Electric Vehicle Show

Pierre Michaud, featured host of the show RPM.

GREASER bike polished aluminum finish

Virgin of all painting,

The GREASER bike polished aluminum finish may also be part of special editions.

Virgin of all painting,

The GREASER bike polished aluminum finish may also be part of special editions.