The origins of the GREASER E-BIKE

The GREASER® electric bike was created by a French designer from the Basque country.

GREASER® was subsequently developed within the Michael BLAST brand. After a few refinements and several prototypes, mass production is launched in 2017 in the best possible conditions, allowing this e-bike “neo retro” to make its first rounds of wheels on Australian soil.

Under the name Michael BLAST hides a group of friends designers and cycle technicians. From distant parts of the globe, they join forces and inspirations to create a truly unique range of retro electric bicycles. Strongly inspired by some timeless masterpieces of history, the # LifeStyle by Michael BLAST range is created!

Push the boundaries and go beyond a stereotyped vintage look by introducing a range of modern electric bikes, without compromising on style and quality.

“This idea has generated immediate interest from our design team, which extends from France to Australia, the USA, Canada and Hungary.
Everywhere in the world, we interpret retro, vintage, cool and hipster styles in different ways. Our goal is to use our cultural diversity to bring out the best of our ideas and to design uniquely designed e-bikes. As a team, our experiences and knowledge have inspired us not only to imagine our finished products, but also to think about our customers and their individuality.”


The GREASER® a modern e-bike with a vintage look