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14 Aug 2022

Top 5 - Electric bicycle dos and dont's

Top 5 - Electric bicycle dos and dont's

You just bought an electric bike or are you thinking of getting one in a near future?!
Let us inform you of the good habits to adopt as well as those to be prescribed in order to keep your electric bike running smoothly and enjoy it for as long as possible!


Top 5 - Dos!

  1. Keep a clean and lubricated chain.

    Use only products suitable for bicycle chains in order to keep the chain working properly. Don't forget to clean your chain thoroughly before lubricating it. Using other products could cause premature wear of your chain or breakage of the derailleur or other mechanism.
  2. Frequently check the pressure and wear of your tires.

    Tires will always deflate slightly after each use. This is totally normal. Always follow the recommendation made by your bike professional. It may happen that the recommendation written directly on your tires differs from that suggested by your professional. A tire inflated to the appropriate pressure will provide you with the comfort and safety you need to fully enjoy your bike ride. FYI, an under-inflated tire will lead to a drop in performance and an increased risk of a flat tire. An over-inflated tire will cause less effective grip and braking.
  3. Always brake with both brakes!

    Indeed, by braking with your two brakes, you will avoid premature wear of them. By using only one brake, front or rear, you risk a potential loss of grip, and therefore a risk of falling. Advice: try to always brake first with the rear brake (70%) and then apply the front brake (30%). Try to aim for the 7-3 ratio (rear brake - front brake) to maximize your braking efficiency.
  4. Store your battery indoors in temperatures below zero.

    Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 0°C may damage the battery cells, thereby compromising its efficiency and reducing its lifetime. Here are a few examples, for your information, demonstrating the influence of temperature variations on the general autonomy of your battery:

    Influence of temperatures on the autonomy (approximation)


    Loss of 55%


    Loss of 40%


    Loss of 15-20%


    No loss/gain


    Gain of 15%


    Gain of 5%


    Loss of 20%

  5. Recharge the battery by first connecting the tip to the battery and then to the wall outlet.

    This way you will avoid a short circuit which could seriously damage the battery. The RBS warranty does not cover this type of damage.


Top 5 - Dont's !

  1. Keeping your battery powered up (plugged in) beyond the recommendation.

    The recommandation is 4-6 hours maximum. By keeping it connected to a power source, it will lose its capacity resulting in a possible loss of autonomy. We suggest to check for the full charge and then, once it's full, you might disconnect it even if it's less than 4-6 hours.
  2. Riding with a battery charged at less than 20%.

    Below this percentage, you risk a prematurely wearing out of your battery and reducing its efficiency.
  3. Recharging your battery when it is too cold (0°C and below).

    Take care to bring your battery inside and wait for it to reach a temperature above 0ºC before recharging it. Charging your battery this way, will ensure that you maximize the current charge and take full advantage of the promised autonomy of your battery. Charging a lithium battery with a temperature under 0°C will damage the battery and kill it.
  4. Washing your bike with plenty of water (high pressure jet).

    You risk damaging the electrical components and causing long-term corrosion. Instead, opt for a soft, controlled spray, avoiding electrical parts. Then wipe with a microfiber cloth and you're done!
  5. Waiting a long time before doing a tune-up.

    Maintenance is the secret to the longevity of the bike. By doing so, your bike professional will ensure that everything is running smoothly and will be able to advise for coming up maintenance. For more details on our maintenance services, refer to our “Services” page or call us at (514) 224-0001 (Montreal store) or (418) 914-1774 (Quebec store).


Extra advice! With winter slowly (very slowing don't worry!) approaching... remember to find proper storage to securely place your electric bike. Here are some important points to respect if you want to find it in perfect condition the year coming :

  • Store in a dry place.
  • Keep the battery charged between 50-70%.
  • Wash your bike thoroughly.
  • Protect the bike with a sheet.

Voilà! You are now all set with tips and tricks to make your electric bike last for a long time! Do not hesitate to share those advices and if you have any questions, call or visit us at anytime! It will ne with great pleasure!


  • It was a great article. thanks for covering such a great piece of information about do & don't when riding e-bike.
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